List of Radio Stations in Finland Roal Smeet

YLE stations

Stations operated by Yleisradio, the national public broadcasting company:

YLE Radio 1
YLE Radio Suomi
YLE Radio Peili
Ylen Klassinen
YLE Radio Vega (Swedish-language radio station; see Finlands Svenska Radio)
YLE Radio X3M (Swedish-language youth channel)
YLE Multifoorumi
Capital FM
Radio Finland


Classic FM, (ended, an eq. begins at 1:st Mar. 2010.)
Groove FM
The Voice
NRJ Finland
Radio City
Radio Dei
Radio Helsinki
Radio Jyväskylä
Radio Kajaus
Radio KLF
Radio Mega
Radio Nova
Radio Paitapiiska
Radio Peili
Radio Pooki
Radio Pori
Radio Ramona
Radio Rex
Radio Robin Hood
Radio Rock
Radio Aalto
Radio Salminen
Radio Salminen (same name, different station)
Radio SuomiPOP
Radio 99
Rogmo FM
Sport FM
Ålands Radio

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