List of Radio Stations in the Netherlands by Roal Smeet

Internet & Mobile Phones

There are over 10.000 websites on the internet with an own stream allowing their listeners to listen the radio worldwide wherever internet or WI-FI is available. Since the day of today mobile phones and the internet allow you to listen to music that has been published world wide trough one simple iphone application for lets say example FMStation or RadioStation.

Public radio in the Netherlands is provided jointly by a number of broadcasting organizations operating within the framework of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting (NPO).
News bulletins on all stations are provided by NOS.

FM, cable, satellite, DTT and DAB

Radio 1: News, current affairs and sport
Radio 2: Popular music , mostly from the 80s and 90s
3FM: Pop and rock music
Radio 4: Classical music

AM, cable, satellite, DTT and DAB

Radio 5: Easy-listening music and entertainment (0600-1900 weekdays); factual and discussion programmes (weekday evenings); programming for immigrants, philosophy, religion, and readings (weekends).

Cable, satellite, DTT and DAB

Radio 6: jazz and cultural programming
FunX: Urban and world music, aimed at youth market. Available on FM in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, with some local programming variations.

DAB only

Radio 2 Top2000: music from Radio 2’s annual Top 2000 countdown
24nieuws: looped broadcast of the latest NOS news bulletin

Cable only

Tweede kamerlijn: live relays from the Dutch House of Representatives


Radio Netherlands Worldwide: news and features for international audiences outside the Netherlands


FM, cable, satellite and DTT

Radio 538: pop and hit music station on 102.1 – 102.7 FM
Sky Radio: non-stop soft pop music on 101.0 – 101.9 FM
Radio Veronica: Pop and Rock from the 80s , 90s and 00s on 103 FM
Q-Music: feel good pop music on 100.4 and 100.7 FM
SLAM!FM: dance and new music
100%NL: music by Dutch bands and artists
BNR Nieuwsradio: news

AM, cable, satellite and DTT

Radio 10 Gold: music from the 70s , 80s and 90s on 828 AM


Radio Maria – religious station on 675 AM
GrootNieuwsRadio – religious station on 1008 AM
Big L 1395 – English language oldies music station on 1395 AM

Cable, satellite and DTT

Arrow Classic Rock: non-stop classic rock
Classic FM: classical music

Cable and satellite

Arrow Jazz FM: non-stop jazz music
538 Juize: Hip-hop and RnB
Kink FM: alternative music


Radio Decibel: Pop , urban and dance (also on FM in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Alkmaar, Eindhoven and Utrecht)
KXradio : alternative music (founded by Rob Stenders)



RADIONL: FM in Friesland, North Holland, Groningen, Drenthe, Utrecht, Flevoland, Gelderland, Overijssell, Limburg and cable
Amor FM: 89.8 The Hague, 102.3 Rotterdam
Arrow Classic Rock Noord: FM 98.7 Friesland, 98.5 Groningen, 89.2 Zwolle, Meppel and Noordoostpolder, 87.6 Twente and cable
Fresh FM: FM 95.7 Greater Amsterdam, 103.4 Utrecht, 95.6 Haaglanden, 95.9 Rhine/Haarlemmermeer and cable
Holland FM: FM 97.7 West-Terschelling, 97.9 Tjerkgaast, 104.7 Leeuwarden
Radio Hollandio: FM 88.8 Loon op Zand, 89.3 Vlissingen, 92.4 Westdorpe, 93.9 Roosendaal, 90.1 and 94.1 Den Bosch, 90.3 and 95.5 Eindhoven, 90.5 Helmond, 93.1 Tilburg and cable
Hot Radio Plus: FM 98.0 Twente, 101.9 Achterhoek, 88.7 Stedendriehoek, 88.5 Arnhem/Nijmegen and cable
R@dio Continu: FM 92.4 Groningen, 92.4 Dedemsvaart and cable
Radio Decibel: FM 98.0 Amsterdam, 97.6 Rotterdam, 99.4 The Hague, 98.3 Alkmaar, 93.2 Eindhoven and 98.5 Utrecht
Simone FM: FM 91.3 Groningen, 92.9 West Groningen, 101.7 Drenthe and 93.4 FM Zwolle / Meppel and cable
Waterstad FM: FM 93.2 Friesland, 104.4, 96.9 Groningen, 89.9 Drenthe, 101.8 NO.Polder and cable
Ujala Radio: FM 90.1 Flevoland, 93.3 North Holland and cable



Radio Drenthe: FM 90.8, 99.3 and cable, DTT and satellite


RTV Borger-Odoorn: FM 107.5 Borger and cable
RTV Emmen: FM 107.6 Emmen and cable
Radio Hoogeveen: FM 106.8 Hoogeveen and cable
Radio Loco: FM 105.4 Coevorden, 106.3 Oosterhesselen and cable
RTV Assen: FM 107.8 Assen and cable
RTV Meppel: FM 93.0 Meppel and cable
Streekradio: FM 104.8 Zuidwolde and cable
Tynaarlo Lokaal: FM 105.9 Paterswolde, 107.4 Zuidlaren and cable



Radio Flevoland: FM 89.8 and cable


Radio Lelystad: FM 90.3 Lelystad and cable
StadsRadio Almere: FM 107.8 Almere and cable
Radio Noordoostpolder: FM 105.2 Emmeloord and cable
Urk FM: FM 107.0 Urk and cable


Omrop Fryslân: FM 92.2 and cable, DTT and satellite


Holland FM: FM 97.9 Tjerkgaast, 104.7 Leeuwarden, 97.7 West Terschelling


Mix 724: FM 103.9 Hoorn, 107.4 Medemblik
Omroep IJsselmond: FM 106.4 Kampen and cable
Omroep Odrie: FM 106.9 Appelscha and cable
Radio Waddenzee: AM 1602 Harlingen (0700-1900)
Radio Seagull: AM 1602 Harlingen (1900-0700) – English language classic rock service


Radio Gelderland


Keizerstad FM: FM 95.5 Arnheim, 94.2 Nijmegen and cable

Achterhoek FM: FM 104.9 Vorden, 106.7, 107.9 Lochem and cable
Berkelland FM: FM 105.3 Eibergen, 106.0 Borculo and cable
RTV Betuwe Radio: FM 105.1 Beusichem, 106.2 Deil and cable
BFM: FM 106.1 Zutphen and cable
Dijkland FM: FM 106.6 Zaltbommel


Radio Noord: FM 97.5 Groningen


OOG Radio: FM 106.6 Groningen and cable
Omreop Menterwolde: FM 107.6 Menterwolde and cable
Radio Compagnie: FM 105.2 Hoogezand and cable
Radio Westerkwartier: FM 105.3 Marum
RTV S: FM 105.3 Stadskanaal and cable
Radio Parkstad: FM 106.9 Veendam and cable
Radio Westerwolde: FM 106.5 Ter Apel, 106.6 Bellingwolde, 107.0 Vlagtwedde, 107.3 Pekela and cable
Dollard Radio: FM 105.8 Winschoten and cable


L1 Radio: FM 95.3 Hulsberg, 100.3 Roermond and cable


Omroep Brabant


Boschtion FM: FM 95.2 s’-Hertogenbosch and cable
Radio 8FM: FM 89.2 Breda, 103.6 Tilburg, 97.4 Den Bosch, 89.3 Eindhoven, 95.2 Weert and cable
Radio Mexico: FM 106.1 ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Royaal FM: FM 93.6 Eindhoven


Radio Noord-Holland: FM 88.9 Amsterdam, 88.7 Hilversum, 93.9 Alkmaar and cable


SALTO Stads FM: FM 106.8 Amsterdam and cable
SALTO Wereld FM: FM 99.4 Amsterdam and cable
SALTO Caribbean FM: FM 107.9 Amsterdam and cable
SALTO Razo: FM 105.2 Amsterdam and cable

MEER Radio: FM 105.5, 106.6 Haarlemmermeer and cable

Schagen FM: FM 107.7 Schagen and cable
Wild FM: FM 93.6 Amsterdam, 96.3 Alkmaar, 97.3 Haarlemmermeer, 97.4 Purmerend


Radio Oost: FM 99.4 North West Overijssel, 97.9 Deventer, 95.6 Zuid Salland, 89.4 Twente and cable, DTT and satellite


Radio West
Radio Rijnmond


Sleutelstad FM: FM 93.7 Leyden and cable


Radio M Utrecht


Bingo FM: FM 107.7 Utrecht, 107.9 Amersfoort and cable


Omroep Zeeland

Web Radio

Many public and commercial radio stations broadcast a number of themed, online sister stations. Most stations broadcast non-stop music with NOS or ANP news bulletins on the hour.


Radio 2
Radio 2 Top 2000
Radio 2 In Concert
Radio 2 Liedkunst

3FM Alternative
3FM Live
3FM Serious Talent
3FM Mega Top 50

Radio 4
AVRO Back to the Old School
AVRO Baroque around the Clock
AVRO Easy Listening
AVRO Klassiek Film
AVRO Het beste van het beste
AVRO Radio Festival Classique
AVRO Steenen Tijdperk Fifties
AVRO Steenen Tijdperk Sixties
AVRO Ziel en Zaligheid
AVRO Operette IKON Musica Religiosa
IKON Orgelradio
Radio 4 Eigentjids
Radio 4 Jong Klassiek

Radio 5
Radio 5 Nostalgia

Radio 6
Radio 6 Jazz
Radio 6 Jazz Jong
Radio 6 Grooves
Radio 6 Blues
Radio 6 World
Radio 6 Outer Limits
Radio 6 Metropole Orkest

FunX Slow Jamz
FunX Reggae
FunX Hip-Hop
FunX Latin
FunX Arab
FunX Dance
FunX Fusion

Classical Music
Early Music
World Music
Dutch Music Media
Contemporary Music
Gregorian Chant
Orient Express
Hard Bop
Young Professionals
Folk It!


Radio 538
538 Dancedepartment
538 Hitzone
538 Juize
538 Non Stop 40
538 Party Radio

Sky Radio
Sky Radio Love Songs
Sky Radio NL
Sky Radio Dance Classics (Jan-Jun)
Sky Radio Summer Hits (Jun-Oct)
Sky Radio The Christmas Station (Oct-Dec)

Radio Veronica
Veronica Hitradio
Veronica Rock Radio
Veronica Top 1000 Allertijden

Radio 10 Gold
Radio 10 Gold Disco
Radio 10 Gold Top 4000
Radio 10 Gold 60s and 70s
Radio 10 Gold 80s
Radio 10 Gold 90s

Arrow Caz

Pinguin Radio

KX Radio
KX World
KX Classikx
KX Red Hot
Premium Radio

Two subscription cable radio services are available in the Netherlands, Music Choice and XLnt Radio.
XLnt Radio

XLnt Radio offers 52 non-stop music channels:

XLnt Kiddo FM
XLnt Hip Hop
XLnt R&B
XLnt Trance
XLnt Dance
XLnt Hits
XLnt Party
XLnt Lounge
XLnt Chill Out
XLnt Today’s Pop
XLnt Nederpop
XLnt Arabian Nights
XLnt Turk
XLnt Alternative Rock
XLnt Hard Rock
XLnt Rock
XLnt New Age
XLnt Easy Listening
XLnt Classic Rock
XLnt Piratenhits
XLnt Salsa
XLnt Dance Classics
XLnt Comedy
XLnt Country
XLnt Love Songs
XLnt Motown
XLnt Reggae
XLnt Italia
XLnt France
XLnt Espana
XLnt Blues
XLnt Oldies
XLnt Nederpop Gold
XLnt Schlager
XLnt Rock N Roll
XLnt Classical
XLnt Jazz
XLnt Classic Jazz
XLnt NL Luisterlied
XLnt Nostalgie
XLnt Kleuterliedjes
XLnt Skihut
XLnt JackFM
XLnt Film
XLnt Relipop
XLnt Christmas
XLnt Musical
XLnt Opera
XLnt Operette
XLnt Crooners
XLnt Fanfare
XLnt Etalagekanaal
Music Choice

Music Choice offers a range of non-stop music channels on the Ziggo and UPC cable networks:

80er – Germany
90er – Germany
All Day Party
The Alternative – Germany
The Alternative – UK
Bass, Breaks & Beats
Bollywood Hits
Carnival – Germany
Classic R’n’B & Soul
Classic Rock
Classical Calm
Classical Greats
Classical India
Classical Orchestral
Cocktail Lounge
Cool Jazz
Dancefloor Fillers
East African Gospel
Freedom – Sweden
Groove (Disco & Funk)
Harder Than Hell
Hindi Gold
Hip Hop
Indie Classics
Jazz Classics
Kids – Germany
New Age
Revival (60s & 70s)
Revival (60s & 70s)- Germany
Rewind (80s & 90s)
Rewind (80s & 90s) – Germany
Rewind (80s & 90s)- Sweden
Rock Anthems
Rock Anthems – Germany
South Africa Gospel
South Africa Modern
South Africa Traditional
Schlager – Sweden
Silk (Love Songs)
Sounds of South India
Swiss Hits
Total Hits – Belgium (a.k.a. Belpop)
Total Hits – France
Total Hits – Germany
Total Hits – Germany
Total Hits – Italy
Total Hits – East Africa
Total Hits – Netherlands
Total Hits – Nordic
Total Hits – Spain
Total Hits – Sweden
Total Hits – UK
Türk Müzigi
Urban – Germany
World Carnival
Xmas / New Years
Xmas / New Years Germany

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